2012 Advocacy Forum

2012 Advocacy Forum

On February 8-9, more than 200 advocates from 34 states and the District of Columbia participated in AFSP's 2012 Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C. Participants heard from numerous panels on Wednesday, February 8, in preparation for their visits to Capitol Hill. A town hall meeting was held where panelists discussed the next day's priority issues, a review of what to expect during the advocates' visits on the Hill was presented, and Dr. Margaret Harrell, Senior Fellow and Director of the Joining Forces Initiative and the Center for New American Security gave a keynote address discussing veteran and military personnel suicide prevention.

On Thursday, February 9, Advocates educated 287 offices on Capitol Hill about suicide prevention and discussed AFSP's 2012 Federal Policy Priorities. Following a day of hill visits volunteers and staff from AFSP honored its 2012 "Allies in Action" Award winners at a reception in the Cannon Caucus Room.

Breakout sessions were conducted on policy and advocacy during the remainder of the Forum, which can be found below.

A special thanks to AFSP's advocates for their commitment to and passion for preventing suicide.

Presentations and Resources from the 2012 Advocacy Forum



  • Nicole Cardarelli - AFSP Manager of State Advocacy and Grassroots Outreach
  • Lisa Brattain - Chair, AFSP Indiana Chapter 
  • Peggy Farrell - Chair, AFSP Central New Jersey Chapter
  • Dr. A.J. Zolten - Chair, AFSP Arkansas Chapter

Integrating Advocacy into Your Chapter - Establishing an Advocacy Committee in your Chapter, an overview of the Field Advocate Program, and a review of resources available to your chapters.