Advocates in Action

Advocates in Action

Across the nation, thousands of AFSP Suicide Prevention Advocates are making a real difference.

In Alaska, advocates worked with coalitions and the state Legislature to pass a suicide prevention training law for school personnel. In New Jersey, advocates helped pass one of the most comprehensive anti-bullying laws in the United States.

Others like them are working to educate their leaders and communities, shape laws and policies, and change the way people think and talk about suicide and mental illness. The following links share some of their stories. For each of these successes, there are many more.

AFSP Attends Signing of New Bullying Prevention Law in Illinois (6/27/14)

At 10am on Thursday, June 26th, 2014, Governor Pat Quinn signed a new bullying prevention bill (HB 5707) into Illinois law. The AFSP-Illinois Chapter (AFSP-IL) worked hard to support this bill and pushed for it at our most recent State Capitol Day in Springfield on April 10, 2014. 

Pennsylvania Adopts Bill Requiring Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Policies in Schools (6/26/14)

AFSP is proud to report that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed Act 71 of 2014 (formerly HB 1559) into law on June 26, 2014, making Pennsylvania one of only 5 states to require comprehensive suicide prevention policies in schools statewide. AFSP thanks the many Field Advocate and Chapter volunteers who were integrally involved in supporting HB 1559 throughout the legislative process, urging lawmakers to broaden the scope of the bill, vote for the bill in committee and on the floor, and ultimately adopt it as law. 

AFSP State Capitol Day Events Continue to Grow (5/12/14)

This was the second year for AFSP’s State Capitol Day events, held to bring volunteers together in their state capitols to educate elected officials about suicide prevention and mental health. This year, AFSP Chapters held a total of 7 State Capitol Day events, including 4 repeat and 3 inaugural events.

How I learned to live after trying to end my life – by Christine O’Hagan (5/9/14)

Suicide prevention advocate Christine O'Hagan shared her story with CNN iReport after reading Erin Schwantner's recent essay, I was an accomplice to my brother's suicide. This essay was compiled from her iReport submission and entries from her blog, Second Chances.

AFSP Advocate Anne DiNoto Covered by Local Newspaper (3/13/14)

Massachusetts suicide prevention advocate Anne DiNoto was covered by the local Arlington Advocate.