Feature Story 2 - AFSP Field Advocates in Iowa and South Dakota represent AFSP before State P&T Committees

Jessica Cleereman, of Des Moines, spoke before the Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee on Thursday, November 8, 2012.

Ms. Cleereman, who lost her brother Christopher to suicide indicated in her statement that “We recognize that tough decisions are being made in many states like Iowa aimed at reducing health care costs, however, these could have drastic consequences on the rates of completed suicides and suicide attempts in our state.  Furthermore, if the objective is to control costs up front, the consequences of doing so could cost Iowa more money down the road.”

We will continue to monitor developments in Iowa and in other states like South Dakota, where AFSP Field Advocate Jessica Larsen presented to the South Dakota P&T Committee in June 2012. We thank both of our volunteers for representing AFSP at these important meetings.