Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network

Would you like to help us reduce the number of people who die by suicide each year? If so, become a suicide prevention advocate today.

AFSP’s Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network is made up of hundreds of suicide prevention advocates from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Advocates educate their state and local leaders and communities about suicide, help to shape laws and policies, and change the way others think and talk about suicide and mental illness.

Our network works best when we include at least two advocates from each U.S. Congressional District. That way, each member of Congress learns from their own constituents about ways they can make a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by suicide and mental illness.

Suicide prevention advocates work with each other and with AFSP’s public policy office to:

  • Build relationships with public officials and community leaders
  • Increase awareness about suicide as a public health concern
  • Educate their communities about suicide and mental illness
  • Advocate for local, state, and federal policies, laws, and programs that promote mental health and reduce suicides
  • Build partnerships with suicide prevention and mental health organizations, government agencies, local media, and others
  • Recruit new advocates to the Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network.

As a suicide prevention advocate, you can decide for yourself how much time you wish to volunteer. Whether you have a lot of time for advocacy or only a little, you can make a difference.

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