Why I'm an Advocate

The members of AFSP’s Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network have either been touched personally by a suicide attempt, a suicide loss, or mental illness, or want to make a change for the better for those who have been touched by these events.

We need your help in spreading the word that prevention is possible, and that public policies matter.

Below, AFSP Suicide Prevention Advocates share our stories about why we are working to advocate for improved mental health and suicide prevention.

Che - 'Reaching Out to the Military'

I want to be able to create hope where hope didn't exist before. It's about coalition, it's about listening, very carefully, to where needs need to be met.

Joan Spencer - Copake Falls, NY

I didn't know that this was the beginning of my own journey, which started with the ending of some lifetime relationships and the beginning of new friendships and support with like-minded people.