Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share answers to some of the frequently asked questions AFSP Public Policy Staff routinely receive.

We add to this list often. If there is a question you would like to see included, please contact Trevor Summerfield, AFSP Manager of Federal Policy, at 202-449-3600 Ext. 102 or, or Nicole Gibson, AFSP Manager of State Advocacy and Grassroots Outreach, at 202-449-3600 Ext. 105 or

How can I contact the White House?

Go to or call 202-456-1414.

How can I contact federal cabinet agencies?

Who are my congressional representatives?

If you are an AFSP Field Advocate, we will send you contact information for your congressional representatives and their staff.
You can find your member of the U.S. House of Representatives by visiting and entering your zip code. Find your two U.S. Senators by visiting You can reach the operators for House and Senate offices at 202-224-3121.

Who is my governor?

Visit to send a message to your governor. You may also contact the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

How can I identify members of my state legislature?

Visit to identify contact points for your state legislature.

Communicating with Public Officials

Do you have any pointers for when I speak or visit a public official?

  • They will appreciate your being brief and quickly getting to the point
  • Explain your personal or professional interest in suicide prevention
  • Know how the issue affects suicide prevention, education, or research
  • Know precisely what you want to ask the public official to do
  • Offer to be a resource on suicide prevention issues
  • Leave behind short issue briefs or other information
  • Be cordial
  • Follow up with a thank you note

Do you have any tips on writing or emailing a public official?

  • Fully state your case, using the same facts you would in a visit
  • Make clear that you expect a prompt response
  • Be polite and courteous
  • If possible, follow up with a phone call, and say so in your letter or email