How I learned to live after trying to end my life - by Christine O'Hagan


Editor's note: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Suicide prevention advocate Christine O'Hagan shared her story with CNN iReport after reading Erin Schwantner's recent essay, I was an accomplice to my brother's suicide. This essay was compiled from her iReport submission and entries from her blog, Second Chances.

(CNN) -- I am a mother, a wife, a college graduate, an executive, a marathon runner and a member of the church choir.

And I am mentally ill.

I attempted suicide in November 2012 and was hospitalized. I have not attempted to kill myself since, nor did I previously. But that's not because I don't have the urge to.

I used to be that person who judged those who took "the easy way out." I felt particular disdain for adults who would do this, leaving children and loved ones behind. For two years, I managed to swallow my self-hatred and continue to trudge through life unhappy and sick, having no clue this was not normal.

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