Now Live: National Health Council's Calculator to Help Patients Find the Right Health Insurance Plan


The National Health Council (NHC) is pleased to announce the launch of two much anticipated tools on, NHC's new website that provides resources to help people make informed decisions about purchasing health insurance on the marketplace.

The Estimate My Costs tool helps people project how their annual anticipated medical services and drug usage will impact their health care costs across the metal plans offered in their state.

The second tool – Explore My Options – allows people to review a set of six different health scenarios to see how different health conditions, medical and drug use, and metal plans impact out-of-pocket costs.

Combined, these two unique tools will provide people a more comprehensive picture of their health insurance options.

The NHC will continue to collect patient stories on the Share My Story section of the website to guide their recommendations for improvements to the marketplace. NHC will also continuously add web-based resources created by NHC member organizations to the Answer My Questions section.