President Obama States Support of Veterans Mental Health in State of the Union Address


In his January 28 State of the Union Address, President Obama stated his support of veterans mental health care. 

"No one knows this better than those who serve in uniform.  As this time of war draws to a close, a new generation of heroes returns to civilian life.  We’ll keep slashing that backlog so our veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned, and our wounded warriors receive the health care – including the mental health care – that they need.  We’ll keep working to help all our veterans translate their skills and leadership into jobs here at home.  And we all continue to join forces to honor and support our remarkable military families" the President said.

AFSP applauds President Obama for his commitment to our nation's military personnel, veterans, and their families. AFSP will continue working with the White House, Congress, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Defense to make sure all of our veterans and military personnel receive accessible and adequate mental health services.
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