Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyberbullying Policies

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyberbullying Policies

AFSP encourages states to pass responsible anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying legislation, and schools to implement responsible anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying policies and programs that promote a safe school environment for all students.

Historically, bullying was  accepted as a fundamental and typical part of childhood. That view has changed, and we now know that bullying is a serious problem that warrants attention at all levels of government.

The relationship between bullying and suicide is complex. While it alone does not cause suicide, bullying can be a contributing factor, putting youth who are already vulnerable at increased risk for self harm.

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U.S. Department of Education Research Brief on Bullying and Suicide

U.S. Department of Education, Community Action Toolkit, “Bullying and Suicide: Cautionary Notes”