State Capitol Days

State Capitol Days

AFSP State Capitol Day events continue to grow!

This was the second year for AFSP’s State Capitol Day events, held to bring volunteers together in their state capitols to educate elected officials about suicide prevention and mental health.  Participants share their personal stories and experiences with suicide and mental illness, share the latest research, and engage state and local elected officials and their staff in discussion on how we can work together to prevent suicide and improve mental health.

This year, AFSP Chapters held a total of 7 State Capitol Day events, including 4 repeat and 3 inaugural events.  No two events are exactly the same – AFSP Chapters work with the AFSP Public Policy Team to customize the event to their state’s unique needs and legislative priorities.  Our 2014 events also represent several different event “models” – some are put on by a single AFSP Chapter, some are organized by several AFSP Chapters working together in the state, and some are done in coordination with partner mental health and suicide prevention organizations outside of AFSP.  If you are interested in holding a State Capitol Day event in 2015, please contact your Public Policy team!

Highlights from our 2015 State Capitol Day events include:

Highlights from our 2014 State Capitol Day events include: