Expectations & Responsibilities

AFSP is one organization with a single mission. Within this mission, Chapter Boards have the authority and the responsibility to develop resources and implement programs and activities within nationally approved policies and standards.

In order for Chapters to effectively carry out this vital mission, it is important that Board Members understand the basic expectations of serving on a Chapter Board:

Attend meetings

In order for the Chapter to function effectively, it is important that Board Members make every effort to attend and participate in all meetings of
the Chapter Board of Directors.


Most of the important planning detail work of projects, events and programs takes place at the Chapter Committee level. Therefore, all Board
Members are asked to serve on at least one Chapter Committee.


Fundraising is vital to carrying out AFSP’s mission. Board Member support of Chapter fundraising activities is essential.


In addition to supporting AFSP’s fundraising activities, each Board Member is asked to make a personally significant monetary contribution annually.


To help Chapters grow and to bring in new leadership and participation, it is important that all Board Members help recruit new Officers, Directors, and Committee level volunteers to the Chapter.

Provide Expertise

Board Members are recruited to serve specific roles and needs and must be willing to provide that expertise.



Board Members must respect confidential information regarding programs, products and services of AFSP to which they are exposed to while serving on a Chapter Board. It is strongly recommended that each Chapter adopt a Confidentiality Agreement for all Chapter Officers, Directors and Committee level volunteers to review and sign annually.

Conflict of Interest

In the performance of their responsibilities, Board Members have the duty to act in the best interest of AFSP and are to refrain from engaging in any activity that gives use to actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest (including personal, professional or business) with those of the Chapter and AFSP.