Required Committees


This committee shall consist of the Chapter Chair, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other such persons may be selected by the Board of Directors. The committee shall have and may exercise, when the Board is not in session, all powers and duties of the Board. Meetings may be called by the Chair or shall be called upon the written petition of two members of the Executive Committee.


This committee shall assess Board Leadership needs of the Chapter and recruit qualified candidates as needed to nominate as Officers and Directors. The committee shall consist of at least three Board Members appointed by the Chapter Chair and approved by the Board of Directors. The committee shall submit its nominations prior to the annual meeting, with the notice of that meeting.


This committee shall oversee all fundraising activities of the Chapter and ensure that these activities raise adequate funds to support the Chapter budget. In addition to required Chapter fundraising activities, this committee shall identify and solicit funds from external sources of support, including major gifts from key corporate and private sponsors, as well as third party fundraisers. Subcommittees include Out of the Darkness Community Walk Planning Committee and Spring Fundraiser Committee.

Education/Program Services

This committee shall oversee all programmatic activities of the Chapter, including, but not limited to, survivor and education programs. This committee shall play a key role in identifying and organizing necessary programs in conjunction with Chapter goals.

Public Policy

This committee shall oversee Chapter efforts to increase public awareness of suicide asa public health problem and promote local, state, and federal policies and programs that prevent suicide as approved by National. This committee shall also disseminate information regarding SPAN USA activities and recruit other volunteers to join AFSP/SPAN USA’s Field Advocate program.