Suggested Committees


This committee shall oversee the development of the Chapter budget and ensure accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability for Chapter funds. The Chapter Treasurer often serves as the Chairman for this Committee, but must at the very least serve as an active member.

Marketing and Public Relations

This committee shall create and facilitate successful marketing strategies for the Chapter. Adhering to the AFSP National standards, this committee shall promote the image and branding both internally to Chapter members as well as to the larger community in an effort to maintain and continually enhance AFSP opportunities, programs, and events.

Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

This committee shall oversee all aspects of Chapter volunteer program including recruitment, engagement, orientation and support, informal evaluation, and recognition. This committee shall work with the other Committee Chairmen to assess the volunteer needs of the Chapter and recruit and assign qualified members as needed.

Community Outreach

This committee shall promote the work of AFSP in a variety of ways, including presentations, booth opportunities and individual meetings within the local community. Subcommittees may include outreach efforts for specific demographics including Teen, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, Questioning), and Military.