Third-Party Fundraising Events

Third-Party Events

Third party fundraisers are easy ways to increase support for AFSP and raise funds for the local Chapter. An individual plans an event such as a night of local bands, a golf outing, or just about any type of activity and the proceeds benefit AFSP. The individual is responsible for all aspects of planning and execution with advice from the Chapter representatives and National. The easiest way to accept donations is to have the organizer send a check for the proceeds to the Chapter or National.

To make the Third Party Event process as simple as possible, AFSP has established guidelines to help individuals decide how they would like to proceed with their event.

Download the Third Party Event Guidelines below. 

Third-Party Event Approval Process:

  1. Request received from 3rd Party Event Coordinator
  2. AFSP 3rd Party Event Guidelines shared with the coordinator, once they read and agree to the guidelines they will be send the 3rd Party Event application link.
  3. Application is reviewed by National staff as well as local chapter.
  4. If approved, National will create a letter of approval and share with the coordinator. They will also be sent links to create a personal campaign page in Donor Drive if they would like to do so.
  5. National will also share an event revenue form for ease of reporting event fundraising (form is below).

Third Party Event Forms:

Questions about 3rd Party events? Please contact Angela Pearson, Manager of Special Events, at

Cause-Related Marketing and Events

A cause-related marketing relationship occurs when:

  • an organization is promoting a product, event or service to the public;
  • the product, event or service is promoted through local and/or national media outlets; and
  • the promotion will benefit The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Examples of cause-related marketing:

  • In-store fundraisers at restaurants, stores, salons, etc. where a portion of the sales is donated to AFSP
  • Proceeds of sales from an item, magazine subscriptions, etc. is donated to AFSP

Please complete the Cause-Related Marketing Form for proper tracking of the cause-related marketing initiative.

Questions about Cause-Related Marketing? Please contact Angela Pearson, Manager of Special Events, at