Chapter Assessment, Measurement & Planning System 

The Chapter Assessment, Measurement & Planning System (CHAMPS) is AFSP’s program for measuring chapter performance and incorporating the results into the chapter’s planning process.  The CHAMPS program is monitored and modified as necessary by AFSP’s Chapter Leadership Council.

The CHAMPS program is divided into three areas:management & volunteer development, fundraising, and programs.  Each area hasmandatory standardsandbasic standards.  The mandatory standards are mandated by AFSP policy and are required for a chapter to maintain its charter in good standing.  The basic items define performance that is fundamental to maintaining a functional and viable chapter.

To remain in good standing, a chapter must meet all the mandatory items by answering yes to each question and score a minimum of 70 points (out of a possible 100) in each basic section.  Chapters who fail to meet these requirements will be given 90 days to meet the requirements or develop a plan to meet the requirements.  The Senior Director of Development and Field Management and assigned field staff will work with all chapters to insure they are meeting the standards identified in the CHAMPS program. The Chapter Leadership Council will oversee this process and will report to the AFSP Board of Directors as it deems necessary. The objective is to build strong chapters, not penalize chapters.

Each Chapter should evaluate its performance annually during the January/February time frame.  The results can then be incorporated into the planning process for the chapter as it develops its business plan for the ensuing fiscal year.

The intent of the CHAMPS program is to make all of us more effective in achieving AFSP’s mission.