AFSP Prevention Programs

AFSP's prevention efforts focus on helping clinicians in colleges and universities, workplaces and other settings identify individuals with untreated depression and other mental disorders, and engage them to seek help.

AFSP’s signature prevention program, the Interactive Screening Program (ISP) is a web-based method for anonymously connecting people at risk for suicide to a counselor who provides information and support for help-seeking.

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Interactive Screening Program (ISP)


  • The Interactive Screening Program (ISP) is AFSP’s signature prevention program. 
  • The ISP is designed to be used in a variety of settings, including colleges and workplaces, and can be adapted for outreach to at-risk groups in the population at large. This program is listed in Section III: Adherence to Standards section of the Best Practices Registry (BPR) for Suicide Prevention.
  • The ISP can be adapted to meet the particular needs and circumstances of the setting where it is used.  The school or workplace chooses who may use the program, issuing invitations to participate to certain classes or departments, or offering open access through a link, QR code, brochure or newsletter. 
  • The ISP website may be accessed on a smartphone or other mobile device or on a computer.


  • Interactive Screening Program Manual: a complete guide to program aims, procedures and implementation.
  • The ISP brochure and a list of sites currently using the ISP, can be downloaded HERE.

Cost: For further information about the ISP, please contact