AFSP Research

Scientific research has been a unique and essential part of our overall mission.   Since 2002, AFSP has made grants of more than $20 million to prominent scientists and promising young investigators to support studies aimed at understanding and preventing suicide. Studies shed light on why people attempt and die by suicide; test new approaches to treatment, intervention and prevention; and illuminate the impact of suicide on family members, communities, and society.

AFSP Research Connection is a way to bring the findings of our researchers to the community and inspire greater dialogue about suicide prevention.

AFSP Research Connection: Bridging Science and Community 


  • The AFSP Research Connection program is a platform for sharing AFSP-funded research with your community.
  • The AFSP Research Connection is a one-and-a-half to two-hour meeting where an AFSP chapter invites an AFSP researcher to present their research. The AFSP Research Connection provides an opportunity to inform chapters about research findings, connect chapters and researchers, and increase chapter membership.  The goal is to increase awareness and understanding about suicide and suicide prevention.
  • Chapter sponsored AFSP Research Connection help us to showcase AFSP sponsored researchers and research.  Please visit our website for a complete listing of topics and researchers available for the AFSP Research Connection