Survivor Outreach Program

“Just meeting and talking with someone who has been through what I've recently experienced was so comforting. Before my meeting, I felt like I could not possibly recover from my loss. I now feel that with time I will be able to get through this.”

Survivor Outreach Program   

Peer Support for Survivors of Suicide Loss

Reach Out to Us So We Can Reach Out to You

Upon request, AFSP’s Survivor Outreach Program (SOP) connects those who have recently experienced a suicide loss with a trained volunteer who can offer support and resources—in person, by phone, or through video call (i.e., Skype, FaceTime, etc.). 

Our volunteers are all suicide loss survivors who know first-hand how difficult it can be to find your way in the aftermath of a suicide, and who understand the full range of feelings that may follow (including loneliness, pain, grief, anger, sadness, relief, and guilt).

Note: We can only contact those who have requested a visit themselves. If you know of relatives or friends who might benefit from the Survivor Outreach Program, please encourage them to be in touch with us directly.

How to Request a Visit

Request a Visit Online through AFSP's National Office:

Please fill out this form.

(In-person visits are available only in areas where an AFSP chapter administers the program.  Click here for a list of participating chapters.)

Request a Visit through Your Local AFSP Chapter:

If you live in an area where the local AFSP chapter participates in the Survivor Outreach Program, you may also contact your local chapter directly. See above for participating chapters.

What to Expect

Whether you call or fill out an online form, we will ask you some questions about your loss. This helps us match you with a suitable SOP volunteer.

Your SOP volunteer will contact you to schedule a visit at a convenient time and, in the case of in-person visits, at a comfortable location of your choice. 

If you have any questions about the Survivor Outreach Program, please contact AFSP’s Survivor Outreach Program Coordinator, Claire Wolford, at or 347-826-3592.