Step-by-Step Guide

First-time organizers put together successful International Survivors of Suicide Day gatherings every year. 

From their experience, we suggest that you keep it simple, start early, and follow the process we suggest step by step.

Suggested Timeline

Our suggested timeline allows for finding a good location and promoting the gathering in your community. Don’t be discouraged if you get started later than we suggest. With the tools below, you can stillorganize a gathering, even with a late start.


Recommended Timeline

1: Find Local Help

March to May

2: Find a Location

by May

3: Register Your Site with AFSP

by June

4: Promote and Publicize

June to November

5: Track RSVP's

April to November

6: Local Programming/Logistics

June to August

7: Prepare Materials

October to November

8: Final Preparations


9: One Day Before

November 21, 2014

10: Day Of

November 22, 2014

11: Afterwards

November to December


The Appendix has forms, templates, toolkits and manuals to help you every step of the way including FAQ and an Organizer Manual. 

Ready to get started? Go to Step 1.