Spread the Word

Each November, on International Survivors of Suicide Day, those who have lost someone to suicide come together in healing events all over the world to share information and mutual support.

This is the only international program of its kind, and our goal is to reach every person affected by suicide loss. Can you help us to spread the word? 

The following are some ways you can help to get the word out:

  • If you have a blog, website, Facebook page, or Twitter account, post an announcement or web banner about International Survivors of Suicide Day.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper using these instructions and sample letter.
  • Use our organizer resources to plan your own event.
  • Print an announcement about International Survivors of Suicide Day in your organization’s newsletter.

Use this Sample Announcement, or write your own:

International Survivors of Suicide Day:
A Day of Healing for Bereavement after Suicide
Saturday, November 23, 2013
DVD broadcast available with English, Spanish, or French subtitles

Each year in November on the Saturday before American Thanksgiving, survivors of suicide loss around the world join together at hundreds of local healing events to view a DVD program about suicide loss. During the program:

  • Survivors of suicide loss share their stories and guidance for the benefit of the newly bereaved.
  • Experts share current information about suicide and grief.
  • Local events may plan other healing activities before and after showing the DVD program.

Visit www.afsp.org/survivorday to find an International Survivors of Suicide Day event near you, or to watch the program free-of-charge online with English, Spanish, or French subtitles. You can view past programs online anytime.

Find out everything you need to know to organize your own gathering at www.afsp.org/survivorconference.

Web Banners

When you post these online, add a hyperlink to www.afsp.org/survivorday.