Loss of a Spouse or Partner

Anne - 'It Was Shock and Awe'

He became an organ donor. He saved many lives. So in the process, there was something that my family and I could hold on to.

Kenya - 'Bird at My Window'

Educated at Morehouse College, groomed by Coca-Cola International, and named a fellow at Johns Hopkins University, this proud black man was on his way to success. There was only one obstacle—a quickly engulfing depression.

Oddly enough, the most important thing I learned from this man was the power of believing, but it wasn't just me.

Mary Rose - 'The Day My World Ended...and My Walk Out of My Darkness'

Warren was a full-blooded Scot, raised down in South England in a little town called New Romney. My family thought I'd lost my mind, but I was going to take him home.

I laid down on the couch praying God would be with Warren and would bring him safely home to me. I suddenly felt something rip from within my soul and I jumped up running down the street before I realized what I was doing.

Penny - 'Survivor Story'

Learning about PTSD and learning to call myself a Vietnam War widow has helped me to understand that my experience is not unique.

I have learned, for example, that I was not alone in being excluded from what Daniel was going though.

Suzy - 'Suzy's Story'

It was our 36th wedding anniversary. That morning, as usual, Bill brought me my cup of coffee in bed. I can’t remember anything after that exceptwhen I got home at 7 p.m. Bill’s car was in the garage, but the house was pitch black.

People asked me what I wanted to tell everyone. "The truth" is all I said. We can’t help remove the stigma of suicide if we don’t talk about it.