Comfort Food by Melissa d'Arabian

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Food Network Star and AFSP Survivor of Suicide Loss Award winner Melissa d'Arabian lost her mother to suicide nearly twenty-five years ago. Food has been a big part of her healing and her remembrance.

"Over the years, I have certainly missed her presence at the big things: graduations, birthdays, the holidays, my wedding, and the birth of each of my babies. But I also miss the little stuff...She would make me homemade strawberry jam tacos when I was five because I didn’t like meat (which equipped me well for dealing with my twins’ food tastes), and she taught me the joy of welcoming people into our home for a meal. She even let me host a big dinner on prom night—I made pan-seared chicken," Melissa once wrote.

These recipes might be part of your new traditions or perhaps even a comforting reminder of your lost loved one. 

The first recipe is Melissa's Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup. For dessert, there is her Classic Apple Tart.