Participating Cities

There are International Survivors of Suicide Day events in 300 cities on 6 continents throughout the world. To find a location near you, click on the map below. This list is being continuously updated throughout the year.

Each event is independently and locally organized. Please contact the listed organizer for information about the event nearest you.

  • For a list of events held outside the United States, click here.
  • For a list of events by city and state within the United States, click here.

It's easy to bring International Survivors of Suicide Day to your community. See our Step-by-Step Guide or email to learn how.


  1. This is an environment where people understand suicide loss. It will be a day of healing where those in attendance recognize and honor your loss. Though we understand the grief of children is important, this event is not appropriate for children under 12.
  2. Every event will be slightly different though the main activity is the viewing of the DVD program, which all sites will do. However, some events are much more intimate and others are large. Some just play the DVD program and some run all day, with speakers, activities, and breakout sessions. It is important to get in touch with your event's organizer to get the schedule for the day.
    1. 1 or 2 events are being held on a different day due to special considerations. We will make special note of this on any event where this occurs.
  3. Some locations will charge a small registration fee or ask for a suggested donation to help them in supporting their local survivor community.


  1. When you click for the details on an event, some of the pages will have a little orange button that says "REGISTER >". You can enter your information and register online, ahead of International Survivors of Suicide Day.
  2. Many events do not have the online registration option though, so you can e-mail or call the listed Contact person directly. Please provide them with your name, phone number or e-mail address, and the number of people you are registering for. The Organizer may respond with additional follow up questions.