Alabama Chapter awarded Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham grant

In May 2012, the Alabama Chapter was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham to do a pilot program in the Jefferson County Board of Education School System.  The project was a collaborative effort between AFSP and Campfire USA to provide prevention training and resources through highly qualified staff to school counselors in the Jefferson County School System.  The grant project narrative was as follows: Twenty eight high school and middle school counselors were to be trained about the causes of youth suicide, warning signs and steps they can take to get help for students.  These trained counselors would then in turn educate approximately 13,500 students in their respective schools regarding recognition of suicidal risk factors in themselves and others.  All students would also be provided with a guide listing available resources which give access to care if they recognize suicidal risk factors in themselves or their peers.


Following this program, counselors and students will be able to identify risk factors for suicide and also have knowledge of where to turn for help and treatment.  Ultimately, the program will produce a reduction of incidence of youth suicide in Jefferson County.


To date, the following data has been collected:

Student Data

So far, 11 schools have been graded (4,293 students).  There are 29 schools in all.  After 11 schools, results so far:

Average Pre-test score                                                                        48%

Average Post-test score                                                                      61%

Increase of Knowledge                                                                       27%

Percentage of Students who would refer themselves for help           87%

Percentage of Students who would refer a friend for help                93%

Number of Students given Tri-Fold Wallet Resource Card               4,293



September 11, 2012 Counselor Training Session

  • A Counselor Baseline Information form was given to counselors prior to the training.  Only 37% of the counselors reported they had ever been trained on youth suicide prevention.
  • There were 28 counselors from Jefferson County BOD middle and high schools in the training.  100 % of those have now been trained.
  • On the Baseline Information Form given to counselors at beginning of program we asked for the # of students they saw in the past school year for issues concerning suicidal risk factors.  85% reported  0-5 visits and 15% reported 6-10 visits