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Through the contribution of their time, talent, and passion, our volunteers are leading the movement to prevent suicide in local communities across the nation.

They are the driving force behind increasing the public’s awareness of suicide as a public health issue that is preventable. Together, our chapter volunteers deliver innovative prevention programs for schools and business, reach out to survivors of suicide loss, organize fundraising events, and act as a go-to resource for their entire community.

Whatever your background, strengths, or interests, our chapter needs you. Let’s make a difference in the lives of those who have been touched by suicide in our community. Please join us today.


Chapter Treasurer- The chapter treasurer is top volunteer financial officer of the chapter, and shall ensure that the chapter's finances are maintained and managed in accordance with AFSP by-laws, policy and chapter operating procedures as well as applicable federal and state law.  The treasurer should have an accounting or financial management background.  

Board of Director(s) - The Board of Directors (BOD) is the governing body of the chapter responsible for ensuring that all chapter activities are conducted in accordance with AFSP by-laws, polices and operating procedures for chapters.  The BOD is responsible for the creation and execution of the chapter designed and National approved Work Plan and Budget.  

Chapter Standing Committee(s) - The Committees are responsible for planning and completion of their objectives from the Chapters Work Plan and working within the perimeters of the approved budget.  These committees meet at various times throughout the year/months to work together with BOD representatives to insure the growth of the Chapter.

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