Advocacy & Public Policy

Our chapter is actively engaged in advocating for local, state, and national policies that we believe will help prevent suicide.

We need your help to spread the word that prevention is possible and ensure that public policies make a difference. 

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Arizona Advocates

Making a Difference Through Advocacy

Suicide is personal and complicated. We do know, however, that public policies ensuring access to support and care for those who experience mental disorders, including veterans, is critical to reducing the number of suicides.

Changing federal and state policy isn’t easy, but it is possible and it is important. The link below shares AFSP’s federal legislative and regulatory priorities, which the AFSP Board of Directors updates each year based on recommendations from our Public Policy Council.

Federal Policy

State Policy

As a chapter, we have been working tirelessly to build coalitions and relationships, promote meaningful dialogue and reduce stigmas surrounding mental illness and suicide. Suicide Prevention Advocates here in the state participate in task forces, work with state legislatures to draft legislation and testify at hearings, send letters to decision makers and local media, facilitate trainings, promote quality educational programs, and develop relationships with local school boards. Through active email and phone calling campaigns, as well as face to face meetings with local and national elected officials, we have made our voices heard on both state and national issues affecting mental health and suicide.

Our 2015 Advocacy Day focused on:

Arizona House Bill 2372

Track the bill here!

Sponsored by: Representative Victoria Steele [D]

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