Myths about mental illness

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News from ADHS/DBHS - August 15th, 2014 by Claudia Sloan


There are many myths about mental illness.  Sadly, these myths (and the stigma resulting from these myths) are often the primary reason why a person doesn’t seek help.  A common myth is that mental illnesses are a rare thing.  The fact is that a mental illness is a disorder of the brain and 1 in 5 adults every year get diagnosed with one of these illnesses.  You are more likely to meet someone who has a mental health challenge than someone who has heart disease!

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Another common myth is that all persons with mental illness are violent.  There’s research out there showing that the vast majority of people living with mental health conditions are no more violent than anyone else. People with mental illness are much more likely to be the victims of crime.

Like most diseases of the body, mental illness has many causes – genetics, biological, environmental, social, cultural, etc. And also, like most diseases of the body, some mental illnesses can be prevented and respond positively to early intervention and treatment.

The most important fact is that mental illnesses can be treated!  Proper interventions and treatment help persons affected by them lead full and productive lives.

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To learn more about what YOU can do to help someone experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis, attend one of our Mental Health First Aid courses throughout the State!