Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts

AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilts are collaborative tributes created by survivors of suicide loss that are publicly displayed at local and national events in order to put a human face on the tragedy of suicide and the devastating toll it has taken on our families and communities.

Each quilt is comprised of fabric squares that have been crafted by different survivors with photos, drawings, text, or embroidery in memory of loved ones who have taken their lives. The creation of quilts is locally organized by volunteers who sign up to serve as AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilt Organizers. This grassroots activity provides a meaningful and creative outlet for survivors, and as each square of the quilt is lovingly stitched together with others, we are reminded that no survivor stands alone—there are thousands of others who also feel the pain and loneliness of losing a loved one to suicide.

Each time an AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilt is displayed, it helps increase public awareness of suicide and removes a little more of the stigma that is unfortunately still associated with this issue.

Share your story and honor the memory of your loved one by crafting a quilt square for an AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilt. It's easy to do—no sewing skills are needed.

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Arkansas Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt

The Little Rock Memory quilt was started in 2008 as a healing activity during our first Out of The Darkness Walk. A loved one’s suicide is emotionally devastating. Mourning a death by suicide is a lengthy, intense and confusing process. It is also unique: each of us experiences grief in our own way.

The Memory Wall is a common place where anybody can express or share what is helpful to them. Individuals use a 9”x11” piece of colored fabric and permanent markers to create their contribution to the wall. Although most of the squares are done to honor the memory of an individual lost to suicide, there are also some done as a plea for more mental health services or others with just a question mark. There is no right or wrong. Some participants bring photos to place on the wall as well. All the photos get laminated and the squares get permanently attached to a fabric base creating a dramatic testimony.

Every year, during the Out of The Darkness Walk we provide a base for a new wall as well as display Memory Walls from previous years. Seeing all the squares fluttering in the wind serves as a poignant background and reminder of our continued need to work on suicide prevention.

For more information or if you would like to be involved, Please contact Heather at (501)690-6767