Living With Bipolar Disorder presented by the AFSP Central New York Chapter



May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to kick off the month AFSP CNY, along with AFSP Chapters across the country, banded together to showcase AFSP's latest film.

'Living with Bipolar Disorder' is an AFSP program that includes a 43 minute film about Bipolar Disorder. It features an introduction by Joe Pantoliano, an actor and television star, and a review of the illness by our clinical expert Dr. Joe Calabrese from Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio. The film also features the stories as told by three people who have been treated for bipolar disorder as well as the widow of a man who died by suicide who most likely suffered from bipolar. The clinical expert, Dr. Calabrese, offers medical commentary after each story, and both Dr. Calabrese and Joe Pantoliano offer closing comments.

Due to an awesome response we reached our maximum registration capacity in April, and had to start a waiting list.

Following the film, we had a question and answer session with Dr. Maxine Block, an AFSP CNY Board Member, and AFSP CNY Area Director, Debra Graham.