Other Chapter Activities

Help Support Your Hudson Valley Chapter! 


THANK YOU to those who have already registered, but if you haven't , now is the time! Register for one of our Out of the Darkness Community Walks.   

Sponsor or Host An Event

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Maria Idoni at midoni@afsp.org or (914) 610-9156.  We have sponsorships starting at $100 with opportunities to have company's name and logo on website, backs of t-shirts and mentioned at walk.  

Team Captains Wanted 

Become a TEAM CAPTAIN!  Register a walk team for your friends, family, school, civic group or workplace.
Six Easy Steps to Start a Team

  1. Remember why you're walking and why you're leading a team.  Have you been involved with AFSP personally or professionally before?  Have you lost a loved one to suicide? Have you or your family members  ever struggled with depression or other mood disorders? Sharing your  personal motivation for being a team leader (within your comfort level,  of course) can be the most compelling way to involve others.   
  2. Familiarize yourself with AFSP's mission and programs.  You'll be able to recruit more team members and raise more money if you  can share information about AFSP and what your team members are working  for. (For more information visit the AFSP website.)   
  3. Pick your team name. It can be a family name, a  company name, a neighborhood name, or any name you think of. Your team  may want to walk in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone.   
  4. Set your goals. How many people do you want to have  on your team? There is no minimum but the more people you have, the  better. Also, set your team's fundraising goal. The suggested minimum  fundraising goal is $150 per person. If you have four people on your  team, your minimum team fundraising goal would be $600. Experience shows  that most teams exceed their fundraising goals!   
  5. Pick your target audience. Make a list of people you  know and decide whether to ask them to join your team, make a pledge, or  both. Be broad in your thinking about who might join your team -- it's  the best way to raise funds because team members can ask their own  family and friends for support. For people who you're approaching  primarily for a contribution, make a "guestimate" of how much you think  they would be able and inclined to give. Think about their connection to  you and to the cause, as well as their financial resources and giving  habits (if you know them). Think about people who have asked you to  support their charitable causes.   
  6. Ask people to join your team. Ask in person whenever  possible. Explain the cause, what's involved in being on your team, and  what support you'll provide for them. Have them register online and make  sure they select your team name. When you get a "no" from someone  you've asked to join your team, ask for a contribution instead --  they'll be more likely to give since they just said no to your first  request.