A Toast to Life

Agave Restaurant, 242 Boulevard SE Atlanta, Georgia

| 5:00 - 9:00pm

A Toast to Life

Join us at Agave Restaurant on Thursday, August 28th from 5-9 pm for our annual Toast to Life event.  Tickets are $35 each and include a buffet of customer favorites (drinks are extra).  Live local music by Burke Buster and a silent auction accompany this event which benefits the Metro Atlanta chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  All but $10 of ticket price is tax-deductible. Click on the link below to get your tickets!


Ellen & Roland Behm
Boadie Dunlop
Lauren Edwards
Rep. Pat & Jerry Gardner
Harriette & Gregg Graham
Nancy & David Hupp
Beth Finnerty & David Martin
Lizz Patrick & Joe Martin
Belinda McIntosh
Jacqueline Calavan & Mark Rapaport
Kacy & Jeff Romig
Susan Ross
Bess & Jason Weeks
Anna Ruth Williams
Terri Williams 

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