Volunteer Spotlight

Chandler Goule 

Chandler Goule

Volunteer Positions/Activities with NCAC: I mostly participate in raising money and contribution through donations for events or fundraisers at my house. I hope to move more into corporate giving as time allows. 

Why Did You Get Involved with AFSP and the National Capital Area Chapter? My older brother died from suicide in April 2012 at the age of 42 and my grandmother died from suicide in 1958 at the same age of 42. 

What Have You Gained By Being Involved with AFSP and the National Capital Area Chapter? It has really helped me cope and deal with the loss. Often I think families truly feel they are the only ones that have had someone take their own life. It has also helped me understand better what led Aron to this point. It has also taught me how much we as a society and country have neglected mental health issues, depression, and addiction. 

Why Would You Encourage Others to Volunteer with the National Capital Area Chapter? I would encourage others to participate because I doubt there is a single person out there that hasn't been touched by a person struggling or a mental health issue with a friend or loved one. This organization isn't just for those who have struggled with suicide or been a survivor, but it is also a resource either for yourself or to help direct others to get the help they need. It also isn't just about professional help, but being with others who have had similar struggles or losses is truly a refreshing moment. 

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