Advocacy & Public Policy

Our chapter is actively engaged in advocating for local, state, and national policies that we believe will help prevent suicide.

We need your help to spread the word that prevention is possible and ensure that public policies make a difference. 

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As part of its mission, AFSP/SPAN USA continues efforts to create and help implement strategies for suicide prevention on the national, state, and community levels. But we know that AFSP/SPAN USA's public policy office in Washington, DC cannot do this alone; social change can only occur if it is driven by the collective action of individuals and communities across the nation. AFSP/SPAN USA's Field Advocate program seeks to inspire others to raise their community's awareness about suicide and help spread the word that prevention is possible. Only then can suicide receive the national attention it deserves, and the veil of secrecy that surrounds the tragedy of suicide can be lifted.

AFSP/SPAN USA's Field Advocates work together with the AFSP/SPAN USA public policy office to fulfill the following objectives:

- Increase our public official's awareness of suicide as a public health problem in every community across the country;
- Promote local, state, and federal policies and programs that prevent suicide;
- Disseminate information to individuals in the community regarding AFSP/SPAN USA activities;
- Build partnerships with other local suicide prevention and mental health agencies, governments, media, and other organizations with a stake in public health;
- Help remove the stigma associated with suicide by bringing the subject out in the open and discussing what can be done to prevent it;
- Recruit additional Field Advocates to join AFSP/SPAN USA and the fight against suicide; and
- Give a voice to suicide survivors so they can become a positive force in the community and prevent future suicides.

AFSP/SPAN USA's goal is to have 870 Field Advocates across the country 

-- at least two in every Congressional district in the United States. When this is achieved, AFSP/SPAN USA will spread the vision of suicide prevention to each and every member of Congress through their constituents in the Field Advocate network.

It is important that Field Advocates know that no matter how much (or how little) time they have to devote to the cause, there are many ways that they can make a difference. Please take a look at our one-page overview for some additional examples of how Field Advocates can serve effectively within their local communities.

It is going to take more than one voice to enact the changes necessary to prevent suicide. Help us grow our ranks by serving as an AFSP/SPAN USA Field Advocate in your community today!