AFSP Walkers Show Their True Colors at The Overnight


At The Overnight Walk, honor beads are worn to represent loved ones lost to suicide or personal struggles with mental illness. Each color represents a different connection to the cause. In this video you will hear touching stories from some of last year's walkers as read by AFSP supporter and celebrity chef Melissa d'Arabian who lost her mother to suicide 25 years ago.


Join AFSP at the 2014 Out of the Darkness Overnight Walks: June 14-15 in Seattle and June 28-29 in Philadelphia. 

Click here or on the link following the video to find out more.

What color bead will you wear? 

White: Loss of a Child

Gold: Loss of a Parent

Red: Loss of a Spouse or Partner

Silver: Loss of Military or Veteran

Orange: Loss of a Sibling

Purple: Loss of a Relative or Friend

Green: Personal Struggle

Teal:  My loved one struggles or has attempted suicide

Blue: Support the Cause