Resources and tools to reach out to corporate and corporate and product sponsors


  • Information About Sponsorships (coming soon)
  • Cover Letter Template
    Tweak this letter with information about your walks, chapter, community, etc. If you would like to include national statistics, you may note that in 2013, the AFSP Out of the Darkness Community Walks Campaign took place in 300 cities nationwide with more than 120,000 participants walking and raising over $9.2 million.
  • Sponsorship Packet Template
    Use this packet as a template for getting started. Please discuss appropriate levels for your market with your Field Staff contact and make proper adjustments to your form before soliciting potential sponsors.

Additional Resources and Information for Sponsors:

AFSP's 501 (c) 3 Letter

AFSP's Completed W-9 Form

AFSP's Annual Report

Wal-Mart's Local Community Contribution Program (LCC)
Wal-Mart donated more than $50,000.00 to date to local community walks across the country, and the donations are still coming in! Many communities have more than one Wal-Mart, and we have found that an application can be turned in to each Wal-Mart with the possibility of receiving $500 - $1000 from each store. Since this is such a great resource for AFSP we have included instructions for applying for Wal-Mart online Local Community Contributions online.

Application Instructions
Please read the Local Giving Guidelines before proceeding. It should be noted that, while "health and wellness and education are no longer core areas of our (the Walmart Foundation) National Giving, we recognize that these are  important issues in the communities we serve. As such, we will continue to support health and wellness and education through our State & Local Giving programs on a community-by-community basis." 

Click on Click here to apply for the Local Community Contribution program

Through WalMart's Local Community Contribution program (LCC), facilities are able to support the needs of their local communities by providing funding to organizations working to improve the lives of our associates, customers and neighbors.
Learn more about Local Community Contributions (LLC)

Answers to the application questions:
1. Yes
2. Health and Wellness
3.  A
4. None
5. None
6. No

This will get you to the application page and you can enter your zip code to pull up the applications for each store within a 15 mile radius. Please work with your local Chapter Chair or Field Staff member for information about how to best answer the more detailed questions.

Wal-Mart is not the only chain to go to! It is a great store to use as a starting point, but try every chain in your community (Kohl’s, Best Buy, Costco, and Target have similar programs. It never hurts to ask!

Good luck!