Chapter Foundation Giving

Applying for grants and sending proposals to foundations and corporations is a great way to get support for your Chapter's programming. As AFSP continues to grow, Chapters have become even more active in applying for grants and more programs are being put in place for potential funding.

Before You Submit A Grant Proposal

If you would like to submit a grant application (not for event fundraising, ex. Walmart), you must complete the form below by clicking on, "Application Form". This will enable us to better help you with the grant application process, and share any proposals that have been successful with other Chapters. In addition, AFSP already has many relationships with foundations and organizations. We want to be sure that we're reaching out to them in the most effective way possible and not at the same time. After you complete the form above, the Director of Individual and Foundation Giving will contact you to help you get started. 

Application Form

Submitting Your Proposal

After you have filled out the application form and have heard from the National Office to make sure AFSP does not have any current relationships with your potential funder, you will begin writing your proposal or filling out an application. Below are some materials to help support you in the submission process. 

Foundation Proposal Basics

Sample LOI for General Support

AFSP General Information for Grant Applications


After You Submit A Grant Proposal

Once you have submitted your application form and your grant proposal, AFSP's National Office will receive word on if your application was accepted. The results will then be passed onto the Chapter and Division Director. If you successfully receive a grant, you should work closely with the Director of Individual and Foundation Giving on when to send updates to the foundation/corporation and she can provide help if needed to fill out any forms.