Community Programs

AFSP’s community programs are designed to create a comprehensive awareness of how communities can play a role into the further understanding of suicide—its causes, treatment, and prevention.

Our programs seek to improve the knowledge of the public and to help communities succeed in establishing support networks that can effectively reduce suicidal rates.

Involving Families in LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention

AFSP partnered with the Family Acceptance Project (FAP) to launch a pilot educational program aimed to educate parents and other adults about the key role families play in reducing suicide risk in LGBT youth and promoting their health, safety and well-being.

Depression and Bipolar Awareness: From Diagnosis to Remission

The first in AFSP’s educational series on mental disorders, the Depression and Bipolar Awareness: From Diagnosis to Remission program includes a one-hour film that features medical experts and a panel of patients and family members talking about their experiences with depression and bipolar disorder, the benefits of treatment, and the recovery process.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

The second in AFSP’s educational series on mental disorders, the Living with Bipolar Disorder program includes a 40-minute film that addresses the misinformation that clouds our understanding of bipolar disorder.

Billboard Program

AFSP’s Billboard Program alerts communities that depression is serious and urges people who are depressed to consult their doctor.