Lifekeeper Memory Quilts

Transforming Statistics into Stories

Lifekeeper Memory Quilts

Sandy Martin founded the Lifekeeper Memory Quilt Program after her only son, Tony, took his life.

The quilts put a human face on the tragedy of suicide and its devastating toll on families and communities. If you have lost a loved one to suicide, you may want to bring family and friends together to create an AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilt panel to remember them.

Each panel in the quilt tells the story of someone who took their life. The panels are lovingly stitched together, and the quilts are publically displayed at local and national events to remind us that no survivor of suicide loss stands alone.

You don’t need to have sewing or other special skills to make a quilt panel. To learn more or get started, contact the Lifekeeper Memory Quilt Organizer nearest you.

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