All Grants

2014 Focus Grant: Short-Term Risk

Matt Nock, Ph.D.
Development of a Novel Method for the Short-Term Prediction of Suicidal Behavior

Harvard University
Focus Grant (2013): $1,043,263

David Goldston, Ph.D.

Cognitive/Affective Mechanisms of Risk among Suicidal Adults with and without Substance Abuse

Duke University School of Medicine
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $99,920

J. John Mann, M.D.

Grieving Suicide: Clinical Aspects and Neural Circuitry

The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $100,000

Andrew Nierenberg, M.D.

Reconceptualizing Suicide as Impaired Temporal Discounting: An fMRI Study in Bipolar Disorder

Massachusetts General Hospital
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $99,842

Teodor Postolache, M.D.

Inflammation and Suicidal Behavior: Neurotropic Pathogens, CSF Cytokines and the Kynurenine Pathway

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $100,000

Norman B. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Suicide Risk Prevention among Patients with Anxiety Psychopathology

Florida State University
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $99,996

Kelly Cukrowicz, Ph.D.

Suicide Risk in Rural Adults: A Comprehensive Model of Risk

Texas Tech University
Standard Research Grant (2013): $90,000

Jeff Huffman, M.D.

Development of a Positive Psychology Intervention to Reduce Suicide Risk

Massachusetts General Hospital
Standard Research Grant (2013): $90,000