All Grants

Srijan Sen, Ph.D., M.D.

Investigation into the Role of Genes and Stress in Depression and Suicide among Medical Interns

University of Michigan
Young Investigator Grant (2009): $85,000
Mentor: Margit Burmeister, PhD, University of Michigan

John Strauss, M.D., M.Sc.

BDNF Promoter Methylation and Suicidal Behavior in Bipolar Disorder

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto
Young Investigator Grant (2009): $85,000
Mentor: Arturas Petronis, MD, PhD, University of Toronto

Courtney Bagge, Ph.D.

Alcohol as an Acute Risk Factor for Suicide Attempts: A Case-Crossover Pilot Study

University of Mississippi Medical Center
Pilot Research Grant (2009): $29,320

Emil F. Coccaro, M.D.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging Studies of Suicidal Behavior

University of Chicago
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $100,000

William Coryell, M.D.

A Prospective Study of Completed Suicide in a Large Bipolar I Disorder Sample

University of Iowa
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $89,783

Guy Diamond, Ph.D.

Family Therapy for Hospital Care

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $85,000

Mark Kaplan, M.P.H., Dr.P.H.

Suicide among Military Veterans: Analysis of the National Violent Death Reporting System

Portland State University
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $85,000

Gregory Luke Larkin, M.D., M.S., M.S.P.H.

Suicide Clusters Across the Globe: Geospatial Trends from America, Ireland and New Zealand

Yale University School of Medicine
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $99,998

Gregory Ordway, Ph.D.

Glutamatergic Signaling in the Locus Coeruleus in Depression and Suicide

East Tennessee State University
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $85,000

Stephen Russell, Ph.D.

Explaining the Sexual Orientation Disparity in Adolescent Suicide Risk

University of Arizona
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2008): $85,000