All Genetic Studies

Teodor Postolache, M.D.

Inflammation and Suicidal Behavior: Neurotropic Pathogens, CSF Cytokines and the Kynurenine Pathway

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Distinguished Investigator Grant (2013): $100,000

Jacob Jacobsen, Ph.D.

Consequences of Naturalistic Serotonin Deficiency for Suicide-Related Social Endophenotypes in Mice

Duke University
Standard Research Grant (2013): $89,695

Marie Breen, Ph.D.

Investigating Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in the HPA Axis in Suicidal Behavior

University of Iowa
Postdoctoral Research Grant (2013): $104,000
Mentor: Virginia Willour, Ph.D., University of Iowa

Carla Nasca, Ph.D.

An Epigenetic Approach to Rapidly Treat Depression with Comorbid Anxiety: Implications for Suicide Prevention

The Rockefeller University
Postdoctoral Research Grant (2013): $104,000
Mentor: Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., The Rockefeller University

Chadi Calarge, M.D.

Distal Gut Microbiome, CNS Serotonin, and Suicidality Risk

University of Iowa
Pilot Research Grant (2013): $30,000

Sheila Crowell, Ph.D.

Familial Risk for Suicide and Self-Injury: Testing Theories in Multigenerational Pedigrees

University of Utah
Pilot Research Grant (2012): $30,000

Fabrice Jollant, M.D., Ph.D.

A Functional Magnetic Imaging Study in First-Degree Relatives of Suicide Completers

Douglas Mental Health Institute, McGill University
Standard Research Grant (2011): $73,680

Carl Ernst, Ph.D.

Copy Number Variation in Suicide

Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital
Young Investigator Grant (2011): $85,000
Mentor: Roy Perlis, M.D., Harvard University

Gilles Maussion, Ph.D.

Functional Analyses of Differential DNA Methylation in Frontal Cortex of Suicide Completers

Douglas Mental Health Institute, McGill University
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2011): $88,000
Mentor: Gustavo Turecki, M.D., Ph.D., Douglas Hospital, McGill University