Masoud Kamali, M.D.

Masoud Kamali, M.D.

Masoud Kamali, M.D., University of Michigan

Young Investigator Grant (2010): $84,888

Mentor: Patricia Deldin, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Identification of Neurophysiological Markers of Suicidal Behavior and Impulsivity in Bipolar Disorder


Abstract: The aims of this study are to compare neurophysiological measures of response inhibition in two groups of 20 bipolar subjects with and without a lifetime history of suicide attempts, and a group of 20 unaffected controls to identify a marker for suicidal behavior and to correlate that marker to other clinical measures of impulsivity. It is hypothesized that bipolar patients with a history of suicidality will exhibit deficits in a response inhibition task as indicated by smaller amplitude and delayed latency in two event relate brain potential (ERP) components (P300 & N200). The patient groups are to be matched by drug class of active medication. Patient subjects will be drawn from an existing pool of subjects participating in an ongoing high surveillance-intensity follow-up study. ERP deficits will reflect impaired impulse control and correlate with suicidal behavior and other clinical measures of impaired impulse control. This project hopes to identify markers of response inhibition in patients with a history of suicidality with the intention of better prediction of suicidal behavior in the future.