Katherine Shear, M.D., Charles F. Reynolds III, M.D., Naomi Simon, M.D., M.Sc., Sidney Zisook, M.D.

Katherine Shear, M.D.

Katherine Shear, M.D., Columbia University

Charles F. Reynolds III, M.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Naomi Simon, M.D., M.Sc., Harvard Medical School/ Massachusetts General Hospital

Sidney Zisook, M.D., University of California San Diego & San Diego VA Healthcare System

Linked Standard Research Grant (2009): $240,031

Supplement Granted (2013):  $105,056

Optimizing Treatment of Complicated Grief 

Abstract: Grief is a normal process related to loss. While most move through the normal process of grief and adjustment, others experience prolonged impairing grief accompanied by complicating thoughts, feelings and behaviors and don’t seem to progress through the process of grief and mourning. When acute grief does not seem to pass and prolonged and impairing grief continues this is called Complicated Grief. This study is an AFSP funded supplement to a 4-site NIMH-funded study that is testing medication and psychotherapy to determine the safety and benefits for people with complicated grief related. In this AFSP pilot study the investigators specifically examine whether these treatments are beneficial for survivors of suicide who are experiencing complicated grief. A minimum of 10 patients will participate in each of 4 cities (Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and San Diego). The goal is to determine what refinements are needed to best help people with complicated grief and if there are any specific needs of those with complicated grief who have lost someone by suicide.