About the ISP

Core Aim of the ISP

The ISP is based on the following principles:

  • Anonymity for the user
  • Personalized contact with real counselors
  • Interactive engagement between user and counselor
  • Responding to the user’s feelings rather than making a diagnosis
  • Identifying and resolving the user’s personal barriers to treatment.

The ISP provides an anonymous, web-based method of outreach that starts with a brief, confidential online Stress & Depression Questionnaire.

Each person who submits the questionnaire receives a personal written response from a counselor, offering options for follow-up evaluation and treatment. Users may “dialogue” with the counselor online while maintaining their anonymity, schedule a telephone or in-person meeting, or request a referral for treatment or support services.

Each site that implements the ISP has its own customized, secure website that houses the Stress & Depression Questionnaire and supports all online exchanges between user and counselor. To learn more about the ISP, contact the Program Director at isp@afsp.org.