For the Media

For the Media

If you are a reporter, blogger, author, editor, producer, or publisher writing about suicide or mental health, AFSP is here to help ensure that you have the accurate information you need. 

On our site you will find the most recent statistics and up-to-date research findings.

News organizations often ask us how they can cover suicide without inadvertently influencing vulnerable individuals to take their own lives, a phenomenon called suicide contagion. AFSP offers practical advice on how you can report about suicide safely, accurately, and with sensitivity. We also share our research-based Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide, which we developed with the help of journalists and dozens of organizations.

We can arrange interviews with experts and researchers who can explain the facts about suicide. These resources can offer their analysis of current suicide-related issues, including the increased suicide rate among military personnel and veterans, and the complex relationship between bullying and suicide. Finally, we can connect you with people throughout the country who have offered to share personal stories about the ways in which their lives have been affected by suicide.

To speak with experts on suicide prevention, or for more information on safe reporting recommendations, please contact the Press Office at (347) 826-3577.