Access to Firearms for Persons At Risk for Suicide

AFSP supports efforts to reduce access to firearms for persons who are at risk for suicide. These include gun safety policies, targeted education and outreach, and voluntary programs in partnership with gun owners.

Firearms are used in over half of all completed suicides in the United States, and firearm suicides outnumber firearm homicides almost 2 to 1.  AFSP therefore includes reducing access to firearms for persons at risk for suicide as part of our overall policy approach for reducing suicide.

Reducing access to firearms for persons at risk for suicide works by giving those individuals and the people who care for them something they desperately need – TIME – time to change their minds, time for someone to intervene, and time to seek help.

AFSP encourages the voluntary safe storage of firearms, works with the gun owning community to incorporate suicide prevention into existing gun safety efforts, and works to eliminate barriers to mental health care, among other efforts.