State Suicide Prevention Initiatives and Plans

State Suicide Prevention Initiatives and Plans

AFSP encourages Suicide Prevention Advocates to participate actively in state suicide prevention initiatives and in the implementation of state suicide prevention plans.

While all U.S. states have some form of suicide prevention plan in place, no two states currently address the issue in the same way. Some plans and initiatives are current, while others are out of date. Some are backed by research, others are not. Some cover the entire lifespan, while others address only youth suicide prevention. Some states are implementing a wide variety of suicide prevention activities, while others have allowed the majority of their initiatives to lapse.

In order to be effective, statewide suicide prevention plans must address suicide prevention among a wide variety of vulnerable populations. And for those plans to have meaning there must be ongoing funding available from the state or other sources to make prevention activities and programming possible. Collaboration and coordination among state and local agencies is critical to developing a comprehensive and effective statewide approach to suicide prevention.

AFSP monitors state suicide prevention activities and advocates for state plans that:

  • Address suicide prevention across the lifespan;
  • are fully implemented;
  • are funded, sustainable, and evaluated.