About Chapters


The purpose of each chartered Chapter is to implement the mission of AFSP:

  • AFSP is one organization with a single mission.
  • Within this mission, Chapter Boards have the authority and the responsibility to develop resources and implement programs and activities within nationally approved policies and standards.
  • AFSP is one incorporated entity with chartered Chapters authorized to use the name, logo, etc., and to represent AFSP within their designated geographic area.
  • Chapters carry out the work of AFSP within their designated serve area.
  • National provides staffing, training and centralized financial and administrative services.
  • All funds received by Chapters will be deposited in a centralized account. Up to 50% of the net proceeds will be available to the local Chapter for staffing, administrative expenses and to implement approved programs.
  • The portion of funds retained by National will be used to support AFSP’s research, survivor and educational programs as well as AFSP’s investment in Chapter infrastructure.
  • Where financially viable, AFSP will deploy Field Staff to accelerate the growth of Chapters. National will pay Field Staff from the local share of the Chapter funds raised by the Chapter. While working locally, all Field Staff will be employees of National. National will interview, hire and supervise (with involvement from the Chapter) all Field Staff.

Formation & Operation

Chapters, through service to their members and communities, are the cornerstone of AFSP’s structure and its most valuable resource. Strong, active Chapters provide AFSP with the volunteers and initiatives for growth.

The procedures for starting a new Chapter are simple and straightforward. Information on this process is available upon request from National. Once a Chapter receives a charter, it can begin implementing AFSP-approved programs within its service area.

It is important to remember that extreme care is required in planning, organizing, and operating a successful Chapter. In effort to facilitate this process, Chapters must implement and follow Chapter Operating Procedures. These procedures must be signed and submitted to National upon annual review by the Chapter.


In order to remain in good standing, Chapters must:

  • Adhere to all AFSP Bylaws , policies, guidelines, procedures and practices, and all applicable federal state and local requirements.
  • Use AFSP logos, service marks, slogans or trademarks only in appropriate manner and in accordance with AFSP policies.
  • Accept, allocate and use all funds and property received in accordance with AFSP policies
  • Submit by the established deadline an approved plan of work and supporting budget annually 
  • Conduct at least one Out of the Darkness Community Walk event annually in accordance with event guidelines 
  • Participate annually in the International Survivors of Suicide Day program through promoting and linking to the national program broadcast and through organizing a local healing conference centered on the national program
  • Conduct at least one Spring fundraising event annually in accordance with event guidelines
  • Conduct at least two AFSP-approved programs annually
  • Additional Chapter-developed programs must be reviewed and approved by National in advance of their implementation.
  • Submit all contracts and agreements to National for approval.
  • Promote AFSP’s research program within the Chapter service area 
  • Participate in, as appropriate, AFSP advocacy initiatives at the national, state and local levels.