Resource and Healing Guide

Surviving a Suicide Loss: A Resource and Healing Guide

Many of us at AFSP know from personal experience the flood of thoughts and feelings that follows losing a loved one to suicide. 

We designed this Resource and Healing Guide to help those left behind to cope with a suicide loss. The guide includes:

  • How to cope after a suicide.
  • Personal stories from others who have lost someone to suicide.
  • Resources for survivors of suicide loss.
  • Articles on bereavement.
  • An extensive reading list.

You can download a free copy of the guide here:


To have a complimentary copy mailed to you, please email You can purchase multiple copies from the AFSP Store, or by calling 212-363-3500 Ext. 2010.

We are grateful to the generous families who helped to make this resource guide possible. It was designed and printed with grants from the Paul R. Blattberg Memorial Fund; Lisa Sallow in loving memory of her son, Josh; and Beverly Wool along with her family and friends, in loving memory of her daughter, Deborah. We remember your loved ones, and thank you for helping other survivors to cope.